School of Hospitality Administration Minor

The minor in Hospitality Administration is designed for students who want a general introduction to the concepts and practices of the hospitality profession. The minor can provide a supplement to a major in Business Administration and Management in the School of Management.

This minor is restricted to School of Management (SMG) students, and is available to all currently enrolled SMG students regardless of class year. Students should meet with advisors from the Undergraduate Program Office at the School of Management for further information regarding incorporating the minor into their curricula.

Required Courses (20 credits)

  • SHA HF 200 Hospitality Management for SMG Minors (2 cr)
  • SHA HF 220 Food & Beverage Management (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 270 Lodging Operations & Technology (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 310 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry (4 cr)
  • SHA HF 370 Revenue Management & Technology (2 cr)
  • SHA HF 460 Hospitality Strategic Marketing (4 cr)

Registration for all School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) courses is on a space-available basis.

No transfer credit may be used to fulfill the SHA requirements.

Students must register for all SHA courses at the School of Hospitality Administration (928 Commonwealth Avenue). For further information, contact the SMG Undergraduate Program Office, SMG Suite 102.