Required Non-Business Courses

Questrom School of Business aims for every student to acquire both a solid liberal arts foundation and training in the field of business. This aim is consistent with the expressed needs of potential employers of business students. A well-balanced education is especially important to students who recognize that today’s cutting-edge ideas in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are the basis for tomorrow’s cutting-edge ideas in business. It is also important as a foundation for graduate training in business, law, and other professional fields.

Please note: Course material covered in a previous course cannot be duplicated in any other course for academic credit. Liberal arts electives taken in Metropolitan College must be preapproved by the Questrom Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center (UDC) via the petition form that can be found here.

Liberal Arts Foundation

The following four courses are required:

  • CAS EC 101
  • CAS EC 102
  • CAS MA 121 or CAS MA 123
  • CAS WR 120 First-Year Writing Seminar 

(Please note that students who entered Questrom prior to September 2013 are also required to complete CAS WR 150.)

Freshmen who enter Boston University in Fall 2018 and beyond will complete their general education requirements through the Boston University Hub. The information that follows applies to all other students. See below for the curriculum that applies to you.

Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements

Each student must complete three liberal arts distribution requirements, one from each of the following three categories:

Liberal Arts Electives

In addition to the distribution of the three liberal arts distribution requirements, each student must choose any four liberal arts electives as listed under College of Arts & Sciences section of the Bulletin.

Students should note the following exceptions:

  • Students should not duplicate any credit they have received elsewhere, such as transfer credit, AP credit, or equivalent credit from another school.
  • Students should pay close attention to the restrictions described for English, Economics, and Mathematics courses under the College of Arts & Sciences section of the Bulletin.
  • Students should not take CAS statistics courses (MA 113, MA 115, MA 116, MA 214, EC 203, EC 204, EC 303, EC 304, EC 305, PS 211) because the material in these courses is covered in QST QM 221 and QM 222.
  • Students should not take courses at a lower level than that for which they have already received credit (e.g., taking LF 112 [French 2] after completing LF 211 [French 3]).

Non-Business Elective

The non-business elective is any course (at least 4 credits) taken at any school or college within the University except Questrom School of Business. Physical education (PDP), ROTC, musical group/class, and all-University musical organizations credits cannot be counted toward this requirement.

Students Entering Questrom in Fall 2013 and Beyond

Students under this curriculum complete one non-business elective.

Free Electives

Students entering Questrom in September 2016 and beyond must complete 133 academic credits, including 3 credits of career management seminars.

Students who entered Questrom between September 2013 and January 2016 must complete 129 academic credits, plus additional career management seminars taken each year they are enrolled in the School.

Business Electives

Four Questrom electives must be completed in residence or through a Management Internship Program while studying abroad. Questrom electives are any courses offered by Questrom School of Business that are not one of the required courses. These electives make up a concentration as detailed in the previous section. Only courses with the QST prefix will be accepted toward fulfillment of this requirement.