Transfer Credit

Questrom School of Business Policy


Students who enter Questrom School of Business after September 2016 must complete no fewer than 133 credits, with the exception of students transferring into Questrom from within the institution/receiving their dual degree from Questrom (secondary), for whom this policy takes effect January 2017.

Students who entered Questrom School of Business between September 2013 and January 2016 must complete no fewer than 129 credits, plus additional career management seminars.

Students who entered the Questrom School of Business between September 2011 and January 2013 must complete a total of 136.5 academic credits if they completed SM 121/122, and 134.5 if they completed SM 299.

For students who entered the Questrom School of Business before September 2011, transfer credit from colleges not on a 4-credit-hour course system will be applied to the Boston University program by means of a conversion table that equates the systems.

In accordance with the University policy on transfer of undergraduate credit from a US institution, credits for business coursework to be considered for transfer to Boston University must be submitted for evaluation within one year of matriculation. Current Questrom students wishing to undertake coursework at another US institution must have the courses pre-approved in writing from the Study Abroad office, the specific department, and the Undergraduate Program office prior to registration.

Transfer credit is based on the content, level, and comparability of the courses taken. There are some required Questrom courses that are unique in content, integration, and design and may not be awarded credit. For other required courses, free elective credit is likely to be granted. Courses which currently offer a waiver exam are: AC 221, AC 222, OB 221, LA 245, and QM 221. Waiver exams must be taken within the first two semesters of the student’s entering Boston University. Questions concerning dates and times of the waiver exams should be directed to the School’s Undergraduate Program office.

All transfer courses must be taken for a letter grade and receive a grade of C or better for transfer credit to be granted.

The Questrom School of Business does not accept for transfer any credits received seven or more years prior to a student’s expected date of graduation. Course material covered in a previous course cannot be duplicated for credit at Boston University.


Transfer of Credit Policies—MBA
  • Only courses from MBA programs accredited by the International Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) will be eligible for Transfer of Credit. Visit here for a listing of accredited schools.
  • Transfer courses must have been completed within the past five calendar years, taken for credit, and not used toward the completion of another degree or certificate. Undergraduate courses will not be accepted.
  • Online courses are not eligible for transfer.
  • Only courses completed with a B– or better will be eligible for transfer.
  • Prior to matriculation, courses will be considered for core course equivalency (PEMBA only) or otherwise are awarded as general elective credits. Students may transfer no more than 3 courses as core equivalents.
  • Transfer credits may not count toward the requirements of a concentration, or toward the requirements of either the HSM or PNP program.
  • Except under extenuating circumstances, transfer courses taken while enrolled at Questrom will not be eligible if they are equivalent to those offered at Questrom in the Spring or Fall Semester.
  • Students must fulfill the Boston University residency requirement.
  • Students interested in taking courses through the University Consortium should refer to the Registrar’s website.
  • Newly admitted students apply within a month of the start of the program.
  • Continuing students should apply one month before the start of the class.

This time frame is necessary to ensure a response before you begin the course.

Transfer of Credit—MS in Mathematical Finance

• Given the academic nature of the Mathematical Finance Program, students are prohibited from using transfer of credit toward Mathematical Finance degree and credit requirements. Students must complete 48 credits in residence at the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Transfer of Credit—PhD in Mathematical Finance and Management

A student must receive approval from his or her faculty mentor to request a transfer of credit and then complete application forms, which are available in the Graduate Programs office (GPO).

Transfer of Credit—MS in Management Studies

Given the academic nature of the MS in Management Studies, students are prohibited from using transfer of credit toward MSMS degree and credit requirements. Students must complete 36 credits in residence at the Boston University Questrom School of Business.

Process for Petitioning for Transfer of Academic Credit

Students must complete a Transfer of Academic Credit form found on the forms section of the GPO website. A separate petition must be submitted for each course for which credit is sought. The following materials must accompany each petition:

• An official course description.

• A course syllabus (current students should obtain the most current syllabus available for a course they hope to take; new students should provide the actual syllabus for a course they have taken in the past) including a list of textbooks and supplementary readings and a course-meeting schedule indicating number of class meetings, exam dates, and start/stop time of each class.

• New students should submit an official transcript (unless this is already part of your admission file) and current students will submit a transcript once the course has been completed.

Each petition will be evaluated by a faculty member to ensure that the course contains a level of academic content deemed appropriate for the BU MBA or PhD program. If the course content is approved, credit will be awarded in the amount of 3 (MBA) or 4 (PhD) credits per transferred course.

The GPO will notify students of the disposition of each petition by email. Approved transfer credits will be noted on the student’s transcript but will not be a factor in the computation of the Questrom grade point average, nor will grades received in transfer courses appear on students’ BU transcripts.