Markets, Public Policy & Law

  • SMG PL 350: The Psychology of Decision Making: Implications for Business and Public Policy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: sophomore standing
    This course provides an introduction to how individuals make decisions by applying the tools of psychology and economics. We will learn to identify common mistakes and biases. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate their own decision-making ability and learn how to make improved decisions. We link each aspect of decision-making studied to current personal finance decision, business problem, and/or public policy issue. This course will improve negotiation ability and prepare students to use social science data to support decisions. The course consists of case discussions, lectures, and experiments, as well as a project applying insights from the course to students' topic of choice.
  • SMG PL 425: Introduction to the Health Sector: Issues and Opportunities
    Prereq: SMG SM 299 or SMG SM131 and FE101, and junior standing. Open to non-SMG students with junior standing with consent of the instructor. This course provides a dynamic introduction to the health sector, beginning with the burden and distribution of disease and current patterns of expenditures. While the primary emphasis will be on the U.S. healthcare system, a global context will be developed. The basic elements of insurance and payment, service organization and delivery, and life sciences products (drugs, diagnostics, and devices) will be described, and placed in the context of the unique economic structure of the sector. The intense challenges of the sector will be explored, including ethical, social and organizational dilemmas that arise as well as business opportunities that emerge. The roles that government policy, rapid technology growth, and practice development play as drivers of system change will be addressed throughout.
  • SMG PL 430: The U.S. Healthcare System in Transition
    Prereq: SMG SM 299 or SMG SM131 and FE101, SMG LA 245 and junior standing. Open to non-SMG students with junior standing and a minor in business with consent of the instructor. The U.S. healthcare system is undergoing sweeping change as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Knowledge of how the reform law is affecting healthcare organizations, health professionals, consumers, and American businesses is essential for everyone, especially those planning careers in management or business. This rigorous Law and Public Policy seminar provides an in-depth look at the economic, political and organizational challenges facing the nation as major reforms are implemented, including the creation of state health insurance marketplaces, the formation of accountable care organizations, and new methods of paying hospitals and physicians. Students read and analyze articles, business cases, issue briefs, and legal opinions from diverse perspectives to learn how the U.S. healthcare system came to be and how it will change in the future.
  • SMG PL 498: Directed Study in Markets, Public Policy, and Law
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of the instructor and the department chairman
    Directed study in Markets and Public Policy. 2 or 4 cr. Application available on Undergraduate Program website