• SMG MK 449: Business Marketing
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Explores in-depth the unique aspects of marketing to business and institutional customers in an increasingly complex, competitive and global marketplace. Exposes students to a wide range of industrial products and services, and the technology, demand, competition, and requirements for success that characterize each of them. Topics include marketing strategy, organizational buyer behavior, business market segmentation, market development, product development, B -to-B e-commerce, pricing, marketing channels, and business marketing communications, in the context of the U.S. as well as global markets. The course is taught through lectures, case discussions, and presentations and is designed to develop the analytical, decision-making, and communication skills of the students. 4 cr.
  • SMG MK 463: Services Marketing and Management
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Covers topics relating to customer service management and focuses on the role of marketing in managing services. Also covered are human resource, information management, operational, and financial overlaps with marketing throughout the course. Focuses on services, though there will be discussion of how services support products as well. Includes an applied service marketing team project for a real organization (for an organization which has requested a student team to address its customer service issues). The final deliverable for this project is a team consulting project for the organization and a final consulting report presentation to the class and the organization's representative(s).
  • SMG MK 465: Retailing and Online Distribution
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Provides insights into all phases of retail and the inter-dynamics of today's retail organizations. It emphasizes the importance of retail strategy, analysis and execution in the retail environment. Students will examine financial, operations and marketing decisions that are critical to retailers and their success.
  • SMG MK 467: International Marketing Management
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    (Also offered in London in the spring semester) Helps students develop a critical appreciation of both the opportunities and challenges associated with the increasing globalization of markets. Students will learn about the key environmental forces shaping consumer needs and preferences, the influence of international competition, market segmentation and strategy decisions specific to international marketing. They will: * Assess various foreign markets * Analyze the impact of cultural, social, political and economic factors on marketing strategies * Determine when to use different market entry and penetration strategies * Examine the different skills and systems required to implement marketing strategies across country borders 4 cr.
  • SMG MK 468: Advanced Marketing Strategy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Provides the insight and skills necessary to formulate and implement sound marketing strategies and marketing plans. The course includes case analysis, guest speakers and a marketing management simulation where students take the role of brand manager. The simulation allows students to make decisions and see results on key topics such as segmentation, positioning, managing a brand portfolio, integrated marketing communications, and marketing channels. Other key topics explored in the course include strategic planning, customer decision making, life cycle, market response, competitive behavior, new product development, and product line management.
  • SMG MK 469: Communications and Digital Media Strategies
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Marketing communication strategy has moved beyond advertising to include interactive marketing, sales promotions, direct marketing, public relations, and more. This course focuses on developing a marketing communication strategy that integrates these tools for more efficient and effective communication. Topics include the establishment of objectives based on a situation analysis, developing subsequent messages, creative and media strategies, effectiveness testing, and client/agency relationships.
  • SMG MK 470: Pricing Strategy and Tactics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Focuses on the practical needs of the marketing manager when making pricing decisions. Students learn the techniques of strategic analysis necessary to price more profitably by evaluating the price sensitivity of buyers, determining relevant costs, anticipating and influencing competitors' pricing, and formulating an appropriate pricing strategy.
  • SMG MK 486: Digital Marketing Strategy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Provides a strategic look at internet marketing. Topics include an investigation of current e-business models, website analysis, customer acquisition and retention strategies, and consumer behavior on the Internet. Students explore internet marketing through lectures, class discussion, guest speakers, text readings, and cases.
  • SMG MK 487: Branding
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: SMG MK 323.
    Explores the art and science of branding, and the strategies through which companies can create, capture, and sustain shareholder value through brands. Through a mixture of theory and real-world cases, the course examines brands from the perspectives of the cultures and consumers who help create them, and the companies who manage them over time. Basic branding disciplines including positioning and repositioning, brand equity measurement, brand leverage, integrated brand communications, brand stewardship, and brand architecture are considered, as are more contemporary topics such as brand parodies, brand community, and branded entertainment. Particular attention is paid to branding challenges associated with today's interconnected, consumer-empowered, and transparent web-enabled world. 4 cr.
  • SMG MK 498: Directed Study: Marketing
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor and the department chairman.
    Directed study in Marketing. 2 or 4 cr. Application available on Undergraduate Program website.