Services Marketing and Management

GSM MK 857

This course concentrates on the role of marketing in managing services. Services have the fastest job growth of any sector in the U.S. with similar growth rates in other developed countries. The strategic application of marketing requires cross-functional integration; this is particularly true when one speaks about the marketing of services. You should expect to be addressing human resource, information management, operational, and financial overlaps with marketing throughout the course. The strategic focus includes leadership and culture, management of supplementary vs. core services, service communities, positioning and contrary positioning (breaking industry traditions), service failures (customer defection, employee cycle of failure, and customer apartheid. The primary course assignment is an end-of-semester service analysis and recommendation paper; students are encouraged to analyze a company or SBU where they would like to work in the future. This paper has served as an entryway to a desired job for students in the past.

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