International Relations & Environmental Policy: MA

The Master of Arts in International Relations & Environmental Policy (IREP) program prepares students for careers in environmental management, policy negotiation, and policy analysis while working for national or local governments, IGOs, or NGOs. The management of natural resources and the resolution of environmental conflicts are increasingly important factors in determining the course of international relations. This degree program offers students a dynamic opportunity to explore that intersection of international affairs and environmental issues. Students divide their coursework between the Pardee School and the Center for Energy & Environmental Studies (CEES) within the Department of Earth & Environment. The joint core class of the program teaches students about international environmental negotiation, while coursework in CEES provides students with training in a variety of environmental issues. On the IR side, students can choose to develop regional or thematic expertise that complements their environmental studies. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in international relations, political science, a discipline such as history or economics that is closely related to international relations, environmental science, biology, or a discipline closely related to environmental science.

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