Digital Innovation/Business Administration: MBA, MS

The MS•MBA is an 84-credit (minimum) program that awards both an MBA and a Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS). The program consists of at least 40 credits of MBA courses (34 MBA core and 6 elective credits) and 44 credits of MSIS courses (29 MSIS core and 15 elective credits).

Students take 18 credits in the Fall Semester and 21 credits in the Spring Semester of their first year (3 of which are completed in a one-week intensive course in January). They take 8 credits in the summer between their first and second years, 19 credits in the fall of the second year, and 18 credits in the spring.

Once enrolled, students have the opportunity to formally concentrate in Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Management, Marketing, Operations & Technology Management, and Strategy & Business Analysis. Students who wish to graduate with a formal concentration must complete a concentration enrollment form through the appropriate department. Students may also customize their programs by choosing from a broad array of advanced-level electives.

All incoming students are required to attend MS•MBA Pre-Term (MG 600 MBA Orientation), which carries a fee of $300.

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