Information Security: Graduate Certificate

Developing a strong information security program in today’s world is crucial and challenging for most organizations. In general, information security means protecting information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction. Information security is essential because most organizations—including government agencies, hospitals, insurance companies, and private businesses—store various kinds of information about their employees and customers. If any business-related information is confidential, the security of that data becomes crucial. For example, if critical business data (e.g., credit card numbers or design documents) is leaked to competitors or hackers, it could lead to loss of business, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy. Organizations also need to be able to comply by standards and laws, such as HIPPA, PCI, and GLBA, which help protect confidentiality and privacy of customer data.

MET’s Information Security graduate certificate program touches upon various aspects of information security, including IT security policies and system security. Students also learn about digital forensics to help in investigating a security breach, and obtain a good understanding of how information is stored in a database and what services are available to protect it. On completing the graduate certificate, students will have sufficient skills in developing and implementing IT security in their organizations.

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