Global Development Policy: MA

The Master of Arts in Global Development Policy (GDP) program prepares students for a fast-growing number and variety of careers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of development programs, working for governments, international organizations, NGOs, and private companies. The GDP is a rigorous three-semester program that provides students with a breadth of training in the various facets of sustainable international development as well as in-depth training in a chosen sub-field (Governance and Political Economy, Environment and Development, or International Public Health). In addition to coursework in their chosen subfield, students complete a set of universal requirements, including core courses surveying the essentials of each subfield and the workings of the global economy, training in research design, and a capstone seminar involving team projects done for real-world clients. The program includes the opportunity for students to spend a summer studying and interning in Geneva or (for Public Health concentrators) studying and researching in Kenya. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Environmental Science, Economics, Political Science, Public Health, or a discipline closely related to one of these fields.

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