Genetic Counseling: MS

The primary objective of the Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program is to educate graduate students in the core concepts of human genetics and counseling. Our focus is to provide students with the appropriate knowledge, experience, and mentoring to become competent, sensitive, and motivated genetic counselors. This is accomplished through a variety of educational experiences including course work, clinical training, research project preparation, and supplementary activities such as case conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs, and seminars. Located in the heart of Boston, the Genetic Counseling Program at Boston University provides a dynamic and enriching environment for genetic counseling students.

Boston University’s medical school and teaching hospital offer access to tremendous resources for clinical experience and laboratory genetic services, making this the first program of its kind to be located within an academic medical center in New England. This program also has the unique appeal of including courses in the Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine program and the Medical Sciences program. In addition, elective courses are available through several other BU schools and departments, including the School of Public Health.

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