English: MA

The Master of Arts in English program at Boston University provides comprehensive training in all areas of literary studies in English. Coursework is offered in historical periods, individual authors, important literary movements, literary theory, and the history of criticism. The faculty in the Department of English is large and diverse in its teaching and research interests, but the graduate program is nonetheless relatively small and intimate. Every semester, world-class scholars offer a broad range of small seminars, allowing students the flexibility to gain either a broad knowledge of literature, theory, and research across several sub-disciplines in the field or an in-depth knowledge of one particular area of expertise. The skills and knowledge-base gained by our MA students can lead to future doctoral study, work in the field of education and teaching, or a wide array of careers in the not-for-profit and private sectors. The MA program is usually completed in two full-time semesters. To enter, at least a bachelor degree, typically in English or a closely related field, is required.

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