Dental Public Health: MSD

The MSD program is a minimum of one year in duration and entails a field research project or thesis. The program provides the student with broad knowledge and practical experience in epidemiology and biostatistics, health care delivery, social and cultural determinants of health behavior, preventive dentistry, and health education. Students take courses at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine and relevant courses at the Boston University School of Public Health. The courses form the matrix from which directed field activities evolve. Students have the opportunity to conduct research and are encouraged to publish papers in professional journals. The program prepares the dentist for a career in dental public health. It is designed to meet the educational requirements of the American Board of Dental Public Health. The department encourages students also to enroll in the one-year CAGS in Dental Public Health in order to meet the residency requirement of the American Board of Dental Public Health.

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