Bilingual Education/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: EdM

The Bilingual Education/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Program offers two tracks to support the preparation of individuals to teach English as a second language. The first prepares students to teach at the college and adult level in the United States and abroad. The second prepares students to become licensed to teach in US public schools at the Pre-K–6 or 5–12 level. Students in the Pre-K–6 or 5–12 licensure program prepare to become ESL teachers at the preschool/elementary or the middle/high school level. Coursework includes the study of current research and practice in second language acquisition and assessment and instruction of oral language, reading, and writing. The program of study also includes coursework in linguistics, sheltered teaching methodologies with a focus on content-area literacy and academic language, and policy issues that influence assessment and instruction of English learners in US public schools.

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