Grades and Course Credits

University Policy

The University uses a system of letter grades and grade honor point equivalents for evaluating coursework, as shown in the chart below. Individual schools and colleges, however, may place restrictions on the use of certain grades, such as Pass/Fail. Grades cannot be changed after a student has been made an official graduate.

Grade Honor Points Explanation
A 4 Excellent
A− 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3 Good
B− 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2 Satisfactory
C− 1.7
D 1 Low pass
F 0 Fail, no credit
F* 0.0 Fail, P/F course
P Not applicable Pass with credit
P* Not applicable Pass, P/F course
I Not applicable Incomplete; additional work required
J Not applicable Registration in same or continuing course necessary to complete requirements
AU Not applicable Audit; no credit
W Not applicable Withdrew
MG Not applicable Missing grade; grade not assigned

Grade point averages are computed by dividing the number of grade honor points earned by the number of credits attempted. The following grade symbols are not given grade honor points, and work recorded with any of these symbols is not used in calculating grade point averages: J, P, W, AU, and MG. I grades are not computed until additional required work is fulfilled and an appropriate letter grade assigned. The grades and credits of all repeated courses are calculated in the GPA. J grades are not computed until the continuing course is completed; at that time, the grade and honor points will apply to both the J-graded and continuing courses.