Multinational Commerce

The MS in Administrative Studies concentration in Multinational Commerce is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the multinational environment. This interdisciplinary concentration provides a well-rounded understanding of the cultural, financial, geopolitical, and international economics issues that affect international commerce activities, importing/exporting activities, and strategies.


All students must demonstrate proficiency in mathematical skills for management by taking MET AD 510 Mathematics for Management.

International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in written and oral English skills. International students must take MET AD 501 Business Communications for International Students unless waived by the department.

Department courses to satisfy the prerequisites are:

  • MET AD 501 Business Communications for International Students (4 cr)
  • MET AD 510 Mathematics for Management (2 cr)

Note that prerequisites cannot be applied toward degree requirements.

Waiver Policy

A waiver exam is available for AD 510 Mathematics for Management. Students must take this waiver exam prior to the start of classes or must sign up for AD 510 in the first semester.

Degree Core Courses

(five courses/20 credits)

  • MET AD 632 Financial Concepts
  • MET AD 642 Project Management
  • MET AD 648 Ecommerce
  • MET AD 655 International Business, Economics, and Cultures
  • MET AD 741 The Innovation Process: Developing New Products and Services

Concentration Requirements

(four courses/16 credits)

  • MET AD 667 Innovation, Global Competitiveness, and National Economic Development
  • MET AD 680 Global Supply Chains
  • MET AD 746 Business Law and Regulation in a Global Environment
  • MET AD 760 International Trade and Logistics

Concentration Electives

(select two courses/8 credits)

  • MET AD 571 Business Analytics Foundations
  • MET AD 600 Economic Development and Tourism Management
  • MET AD 603 Evaluating and Developing Markets for Cultural Tourism
  • MET AD 610 Enterprise Risk Management
  • MET AD 654 Marketing Analytics
  • MET AD 673 Corporate and Global Responsibility
  • MET AD 715 Quantitative and Qualitative Decision-Making
  • MET AD 725 Negotiations and Organizational Conflict Resolution
  • MET AD 737 Innovative Marketing Techniques
  • MET AD 740 Planning and Operating New Ventures
  • MET AD 745 Global Competitiveness
  • MET AD 749 International Economics
  • MET AD 750 International Commerce: Central, Eastern, and CIS Nations
  • MET AD 751 International Commerce: European Community
  • MET AD 753 International Commerce: Pacific Basin and East Asia
  • MET AD 754 International Commerce: Middle East
  • MET AD 773 International Business Simulation
  • MET AD 780 Ethics in Management
  • MET AD 783 International Investments
  • MET AD 855 Strategic Advantage
  • MET AD 857 Marketing Strategies
  • MET AD 860 International Advertising


(select one graduate-level course/4 credits)

Students are encouraged to use this graduate-level course to broaden their understanding of multinational commerce. This course can be selected from other Administrative Sciences department offerings or Metropolitan College departments as well as from other schools and colleges within Boston University, with an advisor’s approval.