• MET LS 110: Spanish for Medical Professionals
    This course provides the practical vocabulary, phrases and grammar structures that you need to communicate with Spanish speaking patients and their family. In order to master these new language skills you will practice them in everyday situations such as answering the phone, greeting patients and family, establishing rapport, conducting a clinical interview, referring a patient to a specialist, giving a diagnosis, giving recommendations on diet, exercise, medications, etcetera. The course will include a variety of interactive situations including role play, audio or video recordings, telephone or video conference, or conversation with invited guests. Segments dedicated to cultural aspects will provide valuable information on Hispanic customs and will help you to better understand your patient?s needs and perceptions. After completing this course you will still need to rely on medical interpreters for more complex interactions and for legal purposes; however, you will be able to ask for and, using a variety of strategies, understand and communicate essential information. You will also have a solid base on which to continue developing your Spanish either formally through classes or informally in continued conversation with your clients and patients.
  • MET LS 111: First-Semester Spanish
    For students who have never studied Spanish. Introduction to grammatical structures and Hispanic culture. Emphasis on aural comprehension, speaking, and pronunciation. Four hours weekly. Lab required.
  • MET LS 112: Second-Semester Spanish
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET LS 111; or placement by examination.
    Completes study of basic grammatical structures. Emphasis on speaking and aural comprehension. Readings on contemporary Hispanic culture. Writing assignments. Four hours weekly. Lab required.
  • MET LS 211: Third-Semester Spanish
    Involves the study of grammatical structures of Spanish. Students will use spoken language in conversation, and read about Hispanic civilization and contemporary short stories. Writing exercises will involve more complex grammatical and syntactical patterns.
  • MET LS 310: Spanish for the Professions
    Prereq:(LS212) or Spanish SAT subject test score of 560 or higher, or placement test results. Not open to students for whom Spanish is a first language. Students may not take MET LS 310 more than once for credit. Advanced study of Spanish as used in the professions in the Spanish-speaking world. Analysis and discussion of intercultural professional communication, acquisition of specialized vocabulary. Topic for Fall 2015: Spanish for Medical Professionals: Cultural and linguistic competence in medical settings. Progress toward advanced proficiency in Spanish while learning language geared towards the health care profession. Intensive writing practice based on readings; oral presentations and class discussion; aspects of Hispanic culture related to medical issues.