Neurobiology of Consciousness

MET BI 426

Your brain is a bizarre device, set in place through natural selection of your ancestors and your own experience. One thing that clearly separates your brain from the brain of any other non-human animal is the propensity of your brain for imagination and creativity. In this class we will dive into the neuroscience of imagination: from neurons to memory to neurological control of novel conscious experiences. We will study what makes your brain unique and the selectional forces that shaped the brains of our ancestors. We will discuss what makes human language special and how it evolved. This interdisciplinary class is intended for paleoanthropologists who want to learn neuroscience, psychologists who are interested in the question of the origin of language, biologists who are interested in the uniqueness of the human mind, neuroscientists who want an exposure to paleoanthropology and linguistics, philosophers fascinated by neurological basis of behavior and other students interested in an understanding of the mind of a man and the evolution of the brain.

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