Special Topics in Arts Administration

MET AR 781

Topic for Fall2016: Arts and Culture in Mexico, from the Revolution to the 21st century.
Mexican cultural and aesthetic production enables a unique understanding of Mexico's history and society. Through a combination of perspectives, including auteurism, cultural studies, and genre-centered approaches, this multidisciplinary course will focus on the intermingling of high art and popular culture. Students will be exposed to major works by well-known painters, and symphonic composers. However, they will also study the expressive practices of everyday life, including telenovelas, rock music, and street art, and how these practices contribute to convey a sense of identity, as well as to reproduce (or challenge) social values and norms. Finally, the course will expose students to a transatlantic/transnational approach to Mexico's cultural and aesthetic production by studying collaborative projects among Mexican and foreign artists.

Note: this course was also offered during Summer Term

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