Seminar: The Avant-Garde in the Arts

MET AH 419

The intention of this course is to offer in a seminar format, a combination of lecture and video presentations, outside exhibition review assignments, independent research, field trips, and classroom discussions. The primary focus will be the fine arts and the related performing arts. Artists often take on the "hot button" themes and issues of contemporary culture. Accordingly there will be presented strong images related to gender, race, religion, social and historical issues of war and conflict. This is an important aspect of the basic approach of understanding, "cutting edge," challenging issues in contemporary art. This material will be presented in an educational context but students who would potentially be offended by this imagery and its related discussion must consider whether it is appropriate to take this course. A major area of study will be the manner in which contemporary art constantly evolves and changes in response to an ever-shifting world and how specific artists and movements have a particular and sustained influence.

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