Art of Rome

MET AH 234

This course will provide an overview of Roman architecture and art as it developed from the founding of the city to the time of the emperor Constantine. We will examine many of the most famous monuments in addition to those that are less well known as we attempt to open a window onto Roman culture and thought through an examination of its art. These works will include not only architectural achievements, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, but also a range of sculpted and painted works. Roman art, largely as a result of the Roman army?s many conquests, can be seen as a combination of the art forms of a variety of cultures in a manner not unlike the art of contemporary America. As part of our exploration, we will try to understand the manner in which the art represents this kind of cultural interaction. We will also observe how the art changes depending on its archaeological context in former homes, temples and other spaces.

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