• MET EC 101: Introductory Microeconomic Analysis
    One semester of a standard two-semester sequence for those considering further work in management or economics. Includes the economics of households, business firms, and markets; consumer behavior and the demand for commodities; production, costs, and the supply of commodities; price determination, competition, and monopoly; efficiency of resource allocation; market failures and governmental regulation; income distribution; and poverty.
  • MET EC 102: Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis
    One semester of a standard two-semester sequence for those considering further work in management and economics. Includes national economic performance; problems of recession, unemployment, inflation, and trade and budget deficits; money creation, government spending, and taxation; economic policies for full employment and price stability; and international trade and payments.
  • MET EC 201: Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC 101; or equivalent.
    Determination of commodity and factor prices under differing market conditions of competition and monopoly.
  • MET EC 202: Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC 102 or Equivalent
    Determination of aggregate income and employment. Analysis of fiscal and monetary policy. Inflation and income policy. Problems of the open economy.
  • MET EC 203: Empirical Economics I
    Statistical techniques are presented and applied to a variety of economics problems. Extensive use of the statistical software package STATA.
  • MET EC 204: Empirical Economics II
    Builds on the material in MET EC 203, developing more complex statistical techniques and applications.
  • MET EC 332: Market Structure and Economic Performance
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC 201
    Discussion of selected makets determined by instructor. Introduction to antitrust and regulatory policy.
  • MET EC 341: Monetary and Banking Institutions
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC 202.
    Survey of commercial and central banking institutions. Examination of macro relations between financial organizations and principal objectives of stabilization policy. Recent monetary policy.
  • MET EC 356: Economics of the Labor Market
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC201
    Application of current theories of labor supply and demand, wages, education and experience, immigration, labor efficiency, discrimination, and unemployment. Appraisal of the effects of government policies on labor markets.
  • MET EC 391: International Economics I
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: MET EC 201.
    The pure theory of international trade. Comparative advantage, gains from trade, and tariff and nontariff barriers to trade. Case studies in international economic policy.
  • MET EC 392: International Economics II: Problems and Policy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: EC 202.
    This course covers the basic issues of international finance. Topics include the balance of payments, balance of payments adjustments, theories of exchange rate determination, and case studies in international economic policy. 4 (four) credits, Prereqs: EC202.