• MET AN 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    A survey of the concepts, principles, and major areas of cultural anthropology. Comparative examination of institutions, processes of cultural change, and influence of culture on individual behavior in contemporary non-Western societies.
  • MET AN 102: Human Behavioral Biology and Evolution(N)
    Biology relevant to the behavioral sciences. Introduces basic principles of evolutionary biology, animal social behavior, primate adaptations, human origins, genetic/hormonal/neural bases of behavior, and issues of human socioecology and adaptations. Discussions highlight the interaction of Nature and Nurture.
  • MET AN 210: Medical Anthropology
    This course in an introduction to the field of medical anthropology. Medical anthropology studies the interactions between human health, culture and disease at the individual, community and populations levels. This course emphasizes a biocultural approach to the study of health within the context of ecological and cultural systems.