Legal English Certificate Program

The Legal English Certificate Program (LECP) is a two-semester, 25-credit program primarily designed for international professionals—lawyers and non-lawyers alike—who need to improve their general English proficiency and legal English communication skills. The program was jointly developed by the School of Law and the Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP), and is offered at the School of Law.

For international professionals interested in LLM studies at the School of Law, the LECP serves as the first year of BU Law’s Two-Year LLM Program, allowing them to improve their English skills prior to commencing full-time law studies. Students admitted into the Two-Year LLM Program attend LECP during their initial fall and spring semesters; they then attend BU Law’s Pre-LLM summer program (also offered at BU’s Center for English Language & Orientation Programs), and, upon completing these requirements, join the LLM program into which they have been admitted.

Foreign students who do not intend to pursue LLM studies may enroll in the two-semester Legal English Certificate Program only.