University Policy

School of Law Policy

All requests for transcripts, both official and unofficial, must be made in writing. Please note the School of Law Registrar’s Office does not provide electronic copies of transcripts.

Both official and unofficial transcripts contain all academic information about a student, such as classes, grades, and Grade Point Average (GPA). Grades will appear for semesters in which a student is officially registered.

Official transcripts include the signature of the School of Law Registrar and the Boston University seal. (Students who require an official transcript in a sealed envelope to provide to a third party must specify this in their transcript request.)

Unofficial transcripts carry the same information as the official transcript but do not have the University seal or the School of Law Registrar’s signature. (They are stamped unofficial.) You may reproduce unofficial transcripts.

Request forms for transcripts are available at the School of Law Registrar’s Office. You may mail, fax, or email (as a PDF attachment) a signed, written request. You may email a transcript request without a signed PDF only if you are going to pick up the transcript from our office. You will be required to sign a printed copy of your request at that time.

Please be sure to include the following information with your request:

  • Full name, including any former names
  • Telephone number where we may contact you regarding your request
  • Signature
  • Boston University I.D. number or Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree program
  • Degree awarded, if any
  • Date of graduation
  • Number of transcripts (maximum of 10 per request)
  • Is this a request for an official or unofficial transcript? (Please note that faxed transcripts are not official.)
  • Address or fax number to which transcript should be sent

If the transcript is being sent to a third party by the School of Law Registrar’s Office, please include the full name and address of the person, company or institution receiving the transcript. There is a fee of $3.00 per copy for transcripts mailed to third parties. There is no charge for transcripts picked up at the School of Law Registrar’s Office or sent directly to students or alumni. A photo I.D. must be shown in order to pick up a transcript in person.

Requests for transcripts received by mail are usually processed within two working days. Requests made in person are usually processed within two hours. When faxing a request, we recommend you contact our office to confirm its receipt. Faxed requests are usually processed within one working day.

An outstanding financial obligation to Boston University will prohibit us from releasing a transcript.