Intro to Analytic Methods for Lawyers

LAW JD 997

The course will offer a careful introduction to some of the tools used in the analysis of problems encountered in the social sciences, principally economics and finance, but also in fields as diverse as political science, sociology, and public health. The topics principally covered will consist of discounting (that is, the computation of present and future values); an elementary introduction to probability and statistics, sufficient to acquaint the student with the determination and significance of the expected value, variance, and standard deviation of a discrete probability distribution or the outcomes of an experiment; and some of the principal tools used to analyze decisions made under conditions of uncertainty, including statistical decision theory and expected utility (in connection with which the course will include a formal introduction to "risk tolerance", and what it means to be risk-loving, risk-neutral, or risk-averse). The course will include applications of these tools to the study of legal issues.

SPRG 2018 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Sims R 2:10 pm-4:10 pm Stamped Approval

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