Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights

LAW JD 803

This course examines financial restructuring under the Bankruptcy Code. It is a problem oriented course which explores ways that debtors - individual, corporate, municipal and charitable - use federal law to avoid loss of assets to creditors and at the same time cancel (discharge) their financial obligations in the internet age. Also examines the pitfalls and possibilities existing for individuals who prefer to sell their assets under Chapter 7 and receive an immediate discharge and ways in which creditors can protect their interests. An emphasis of the course is working with actual plans created by courts and law firms to solve financial problems. More traditional aspects of the field such as the role of a trustee, assembling of assets and the impact of federal law on rights and remedies existing at state law is considered. Related areas of law such as the Uniform Commercial Code and the federal Tax Lien Act are explored because they affect debtor and creditor rights. The course focuses around 11 problems with supplemental material. The purpose of the course is to make the student familiar with the federal code which governs financial reordering, the Bankruptcy Code.

SPRG 2014 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Miller LAW 1434 MW 8:30 am-10:30 am Stamped Approval

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