Health Law Externship: Fieldwork (C)

LAW JD 762

The Health Law Externship is a one semester clinical program where students work for credit at a non-profit health care organization. Students are required to apply and be accepted to the program before they may register. Through the program, students gain hands-on legal experience under the supervision of practitioners who are experts in the health law field. The Health Law Externship is offered in the fall to 3Ls only (or 2Ls with a prior health law background may be considered with permission of Mr. Moulton). The spring semester is open to 2Ls and 3Ls alike, but preference will be given to 3Ls who have not taken the Civil Litigation Program or the Legal Externship Program. Upon acceptance to the program, Mr. Ben Moulton works with students to identify suitable field placements depending on each student's individual interests and career goals. Once possible placement organizations are identified, students are responsible for applying to those organizations. Before the semester begins, students work with their placement supervisors to determine how many hours they will work during the semester. The schedule must be approved by Mr. Moulton. Students must adhere to this schedule throughout the semester. Students receive variable credits for the fieldwork component, determined as follows: * 3 credits = 150 hours total: * 4 credits = 200 hours total; and * 5 credits = 250 hours total. PREREQUISITE: Health Law (JD 856 in the Law School or LW 751 at the School of Public Health). COREQUISITE: Health Law Externship: Seminar (JD 764). NOTES: Participation in the Health Law Externship may count toward the Concentration in Health Law.

SPRG 2017 Schedule

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