Semester-in-Practice: Independent Proposal (C)

LAW JD 739

This CLASS IS RESTRICTED to students who have received permission from the Office of Experiential Education to enroll. Through the Semester-in-Practice: Independent Proposal students develop their own proposal to spend a semester working full-time for credit at an externship placement, local or away from Boston. Qualifying placements include the legal departments of a non-profit, government agency, private company, or at a law firm (working on pro bono projects only). Externships may be paid or unpaid. NOTE: Students who enroll in this externship may count the credits towards the 6 credit Experiential Learning requirement. COREQUISITE: Semester-in-Practice: Independent Proposal Paper (JD 740).

FALL 2017 Schedule

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A1 TBA ROOM ARR TBD-TBD Stamped Approval

SPRG 2018 Schedule

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A1 TBA ARR TBD-TBD Stamped Approval

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