Evidence for LLMs

LAW JD 703

This course provides LL.M. students with an overview of the substantive rules governing the admissibility or exclusion of evidence at trial. Subjects include competency of witnesses, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, the rule against hearsay and its exceptions, expert and lay opinion testimony, privileged communications, relevancy, procedural considerations, judicial notice, burden of proof, presumptions, form and type of objections, authentication, the best evidence rule and the use of demonstrative and scientific evidence. The course is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of evidentiary rules in anticipation of taking a US bar exam. Meeting dates - 3/12/2018-4/23/2018.

SPRG 2018 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Brieger LAW 102 MW 4:20 pm-6:20 pm WebReg Restricted
Stamped Approval
Class Closed

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