Lawyering Lab

LAW JD 607

The one-week intensive Lawyering Lab guides students to bring to bear legal concepts, core practice competencies and practical judgment to address simulated client problems and achieve a client's objectives within the bounds of the law --the essence of what clients hire attorneys to do. This is done through lectures to provide necessary background, but more importantly through interactive discussion and "hands-on" exercises--both in and outside of class--that require students to actually do what lawyers do in solving client problems and achieving their objectives. This includes (1) determining the client's goals; (2) determining the legal constraints and opportunities that affect the client's ability to get what it wants; (3) determining the relevant facts; (4) identifying multiple options for action; (5) assessing the various options to generate possible recommendations, (6) counseling the client; and (7) negotiating and drafting agreements. 1 credit, pass-fail.

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