Banking Structure and Regulation

LAW BK 925

This course provides an overview of the regulation and supervision of the banking and financial services industry under both US federal and state law focusing on the regulatory structure, regulatory bodies and the principal types of regulation. The course will focus on the legal structure as well as evolving public policy behind the laws and regulations. Recent initiatives to reform bank regulatory systems including the Dodd-Frank Act in the US and Basel III standards globally receive close scrutiny. Attention is also paid to the regulation of entry, geographic expansion, capital, reserves, investments, lending and interest. Traditional and non-traditional activities of financial institutions and affiliates as provided in US federal law, such as securities and insurance activities, mergers and acquisitions, and antitrust will be examined. Emphasis will also be placed on deposit insurance, consumer protection laws, bank examination/enforcement, bank failures and the duties of bank officers and directors. Students are asked to compose a comment letter to a bank regulatory agency as a means of exposure to the intricacies of administrative law and to participate in classroom presentations regarding course subject matter and current events impacting the financial services industry. This is a required course for all students studying for the Master of Laws degree in Banking and Financial Law.

FALL 2014 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Newell LAW 414 M 2:10 pm-4:00 pm WebReg Restricted
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Rm is LAW 414

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