Policies Section Guidelines

The Policies section contains two levels:

  • Policies landing page
  • Individual policy pages

Policies Landing Page

  • All policies are listed alphabetically as links under their headings (Registration and Attendance; Courses, Grades, and Degrees; and so on).
  • Creative Services will supply individual University policy information; use that information to determine if your college has a different policy.

Individual Policy Pages

The school/college-specific Policies page should contain:

  • Your school’s/college’s policy (if at variance from University policy)
  • Clear division between graduate and undergraduate policy (if the two differ). If undergraduate policy follows University policy, and only graduate policy is at variance, the page will indicate that.

Please note: These examples are in the form that Policies pages will follow. Your Policies pages may differ and still include University policy.

A policy varying from University policy

Adding or Dropping a Course

GRS Policy

Students wishing to change their courses must fill out the appropriate form at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences office, obtain their advisor’s signature, and return the completed form to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences office. A request for late registration in courses cannot ordinarly be granted after the first full week of classes.

No course may be added after the first two weeks of class.

Undergrad follows BU-wide, but grad differs



Undergraduates should see the University policy for Registration in the Policies section.


An officially registered student is one who has selected courses and paid or settled all charges.

Applicants may not register until they receive a formal statement of acceptance. Registration is conducted under the direction of the University Registrar…

Both undergrad and grad policies vary

Adding or Dropping a Course


To add or drop a course, students must complete a Course Adjustment Form, available in the Undergraduate Records office, or use the WebReg system. Students should consult with their advisors before adding or dropping a course…


To add or drop a course, eligible students may use WebReg on the Student Link or complete an Add/Drop Form, available from their department/division office, the Graduate Programs office, or at the University Registrar website. Students should consult with their advisors before adding or dropping a course…