Overview Section Guidelines

The Overview section has three components:

Main Body Text

Think: Brief. Academics only. Bird’s-eye view.

What information is appropriate to include on the Overview page?

Include Do NOT Include
Three to five paragraphs of high-level overview, broken up with bullets and subheads as necessary and which may include some or all of the elements below: Lengthy text that attempts to cover history, selling points, and details of your school
Mission statement General information on BU or Boston (e.g., attractions as a place to study/live)
A sentence about which schools compose your college Information that is available on your own school/college website (e.g., “Why study at…?”)
A few sentences about accreditation information and range of academic degrees offered Detailed list of degrees offered
A few sentences about student opportunities and careers at your school List of programs (these belong in the Programs section)
A short summary about college/school resources, services, facilities, research List of faculty or long or detailed administration lists (these belong on your school website)
Dean’s message (not necessary, but appropriate if included) Policy information (this belongs in the Policies section)
Administration and Contact Sidebars Specific program requirements (these belong in the Programs section)
Any other details that belong or already exist in other Bulletin sections or on your school’s website

Administration and Contact Sidebars

This section contains your main administrative staff, including the dean, associate and assistant deans as needed, and any staff with financial, counseling, or registration duties as you see fit. These should be primarily administrative staff with whom students need to interact.

Contact information, which follows the administration information, should where possible be limited to a single address and one or two phone numbers/email addresses. If there are separate graduate and undergraduate addresses, they may be separated as in the example below.