About Internal & External Links

The link boxes at the bottom of each page—Related Bulletin Pages for items within bu.edu/academics and Beyond the Bulletin for items on your school/college site or other sites outside Academics—are there to highlight your school’s attractions, specifics, and other non-overview material.

These link boxes appear at the bottom of each page, making it easy for readers to navigate to another area of interest. Please note: We will limit the number of links that can appear in each box to seven.

Links should be submitted to Creative Services as part of the updates to specific pages. Please see the Submitting Changes page for details. Submit links to any information that isn’t appropriate for the Bulletin section you are editing, but is relevant content or content already existing elsewhere—for example, Why Study at…?, specific admissions or financial aid information pertaining to a program, and related resources. Include short, descriptive “titles” for the links.

You will notice that, in many cases, some links have been created for you. Please review links to make sure they are what you wish to appear. Submit changes and additions to Creative Services.

One example can be found at the bottom of this page.

Links you might wish to include:

Beyond the Bulletin

  • Full Faculty Profiles (hyperlinked to appropriate school/college URL)
  • Why Study at Your School (hyperlinked to appropriate school/college URL)
  • Study Abroad Programs (hyperlinked to appropriate Study Abroad URL)

Related Bulletin Pages

  • University Policies (hyperlinked to Policies URL)
  • Degree Requirements (hyperlinked to appropriate Bulletin URL)
  • Available Degrees at Your School (hyperlinked to appropriate Programs section URL)