MA in Sociology

Course Requirements

A minimum of eight graduate-level semester courses (32 credits) is required for the MA, including these required courses:

  • GRS SO 701     Advanced Sociological Theory (Classical)
  • GRS SO 702     Proseminar: Sociological Methods (research design)
  • GRS SO 708     Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • GRS PO 841 Quantitative Research Methods (or an equivalent GPC approved advanced quantitative methods course)
  • an approved course in qualitative methods in the social sciences

Additionally, candidates who do not meet the prerequisite of an undergraduate major in sociology or its equivalent may be asked to correct deficiencies without graduate credit.

Thesis Requirements

In addition to coursework, candidates must write a thesis with the consent of an advisor and under the supervision of a master’s thesis committee consisting of two members, one of whom must be the advisor.


Information about the graduate-level courses in Sociology is available in the Courses section of this bulletin and on the department’s Courses page. Contact the department directly for the active listings for a given academic year.