MA in Political Science

Most students interested in the study of political science at the graduate level are admitted to the PhD program directly, but under some circumstances the department also admits students pursuing an MA degree. The department can award an MA to a PhD student who requests it and has completed the requirements listed below.

Course Requirements

Eight courses (32 credits) are required for this degree, with a grade of B– or better. Course requirements are as follows:

  • Two field seminars from the following courses:
    • GRS PO 711: Approaches to the Study of American Politics
    • GRS PO 741: Public Policy Analysis
    • GRS PO 751: Approaches to the Study of Comparative Politics
    • GRS PO 771: Approaches to the Study of International Relations
    • GRS PO 791: Approaches to the Study of Political Theory
  • Two research methods courses chosen from the following:
    • CAS PO 502: Political Analysis: A Primer
    • GRS PO 840: Political Analysis
    • GRS PO 841: Quantitative Research Methods
    • GRS PO 843: Techniques in Political Analysis: Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  • Four additional political science courses at the 500 level or above

Language Requirement

There is no foreign language requirement for this degree.

Thesis/Qualifying Examination

The candidate must write a formal thesis, directed by a faculty member.