MA in International Relations and MBA

The MA in International Affairs and Master of Business Administration (IR/MBA) dual degree program is offered to meet the needs of students seeking careers in administrative management, international affairs, consulting, international banking, or finance. Students learn all the essential skills of business management through coursework in the Graduate School of Management (GSM) and couple that with an understanding of international politics, economics, and security issues learned through coursework in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) Department of International Relations.


NOTE: The following explicates the requirements applicable only to the MA in International Relations and MBA program (MA/MBA). Students should first consult the International Relations MA Core Requirements portion of this Bulletin for detailed requirements applicable to all IR MA programs.

Completion of this dual degree program requires a total of 80 credits. Students must complete all of the International Relations MA Core Requirements as well as five IR elective courses. In addition, students must complete (at least) 40 credits in GSM, including the core MBA courses and eight credits of additional GSM electives. Eight credits worth of courses (free electives) can be taken either in the Department of International Relations or GSM. Up to eight credits of the required 20 IR elective credits can be chosen from a limited list (see below) of GSM electives.

Core MBA Course Requirement

All full-time dual degree students must complete the following courses for the MBA degree. Part-time IR/MBA students complete a similar, but distinct, course list. The following courses should total 34 of the 80 required credits.

  • GSM AC 710 Financial Reporting and Control
  • GSM ES 700 Executive Presentations
  • GSM ES 701 Executive Written Communication
  • GSM ES 740 Career Management
  • GSM ES 741/742/743 Career Community
  • GSM FE 721 Financial Management
  • GSM FE 727 Economics and Management Decisions
  • GSM IS 710 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy
  • GSM MK 723 Marketing Management
  • GSM OB 713 Managing Organizations and People
  • GSM OM 725 Creating Value Through Operations and Technology
  • GSM QM 716 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision Making
  • GSM PL700 Introduction to Business Law
  • GSM SI 750 Competition, Innovation, and Strategy

Elective MBA Course Requirement

Full-time dual degree students must take two elective courses or the equivalent of six credits through GSM to fulfill the 40-credit residency requirement for GSM.

Free Elective Courses

NOTE: Refer to the International Relations MA Core Requirements portion of this Bulletin for a list of approved IR elective courses.

Dual degree students can take any approved IR elective courses or any GSM elective courses to fulfill the 8-credit free elective requirement.

IR Electives

Dual degree students must complete a total of 20 credits of IR electives. This requirement can be fulfilled with any approved International Relations elective courses. Students who so desire may fulfill up to 8 credits of this requirement with GSM electives from the following list.

  • GSM FE 827 International Financial Management
  • GSM FE 882 Analysis of Political Economics
  • GSM IM 830 International Business Environment
  • GSM IM 848 Fundamental Business Functions in International Operations
  • GSM IM 849 Fundamental Business Functions in International Operations II
  • GSM IM 859 International Strategic Alliance
  • GSM IM 860 International Business Strategies
  • GSM MK 853 Global Strategic Marketing
  • GSM PL 849 Global Sustainability
  • GSM PL 870 Government, Society, and Sustainable Development
  • GSM SI 847 Investing in Sustainability
  • GSM SI 856 International Entrepreneurship