Suspension or Dismissal

University Policy

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy


Boston University, through its various faculties or appropriate committees, may suspend or dismiss any student from the University for reasons of scholarship, aptitude, or conduct. Academic or scholarly misconduct is a student’s own conduct which intentionally misrepresents his or her own academic accomplishments, or which jeopardizes the fair judging of another student’s academic or scholarly work. Any attempt to be dishonest or deceptive in the performance of academic work, scholarship, or research, in or out of the classroom, or any attempt to alter academic records or any collaboration with another student or students in an act of academic misconduct, constitutes an offense.

Academic conduct is not limited to a student’s coursework, but includes ethical behavior while teaching, conducting research, and/or pursuing scholarly activities. Boston University is committed to the highest possible standards of integrity in teaching, research, and scholarship. This commitment is fundamental to the University’s mission in fostering the pursuit of truth and the expansion of knowledge. Students share in the responsibility for preserving the integrity of research. All members of the University community are responsible for promoting the highest ethical principles in each academic discipline.

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences’ Academic Conduct Code is available online for review. Students are also subject to the University’s Code of Student Responsibilities. For a full explanation of University policies and student responsibilities, please see the Dean of Students website.