Summer Term Registration

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy

Certain courses taken during the Summer Term at Boston University may be credited toward the master’s and PhD degrees if prior approval is obtained from the candidate’s major department. The number of credits that can be earned in one session is limited to six. Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) students who do not wish to enroll for courses but wish to complete a degree requirement such as a language, comprehensive, qualifying, or dissertation examination must register as continuing students for one Summer Term and pay the Continuing Student Fee.

GRS students who are engaged during the summer in full-time research as an essential component of their graduate degree programs are eligible for Summer Research registration status. This is a no-cost mechanism whereby graduate students who are engaged in academic research during the summer can be appropriately registered as students for purposes of loan eligibility and tax considerations. Students seeking Summer Research status should complete a Summer Research Status Registration Form, obtain appropriate signatures, and submit the form to their departments for forwarding to the Graduate School Records office. This registration will not generate a tuition charge. The form includes a certification of full-time study that will document the student’s commitment to research during the summer. By signing the forms, the department vouches that the students will be doing research full time for the 12 weeks of the Summer I and Summer II terms. The GRS Records Office will enter the registration on the student’s records. Forms should be submitted by April 15. Summer Research status is available only for students continuing their studies in the fall. This status does not satisfy the mandatory registration for the final two semesters during which degree requirements are completed.