Romance Studies: Hispanic Language & Literatures

  • GRS LS 621: Reading Spanish for Graduate Students
    Designed to prepare graduate students for the Spanish reading exam. Develops a knowledge of the fundamentals of Spanish grammar. Practice in translating passages. No previous knowledge of Spanish required.
  • GRS LS 850: Seminar: Topics in Hispanic Literature
    May be repeated for credit if topic is different. Five sections are offered 2016/2017. Fall 2016 Section A1: Transnational and Transcultural Perspectives: Contemporary Hispanic Literatures and Arts. The seminar focuses on shifting genre and gender differences through critical analysis and translation workshops. Among the practitioners to be considered are Borges, Cortázar, Espada, Lamborghini, Sarduy, Lispector and A. Sommers. Fall 2016 Section B1: Theory Seminar: Testing Literature. An overview of literary theory applied to cultural studies. In this embodiment, the seminar focuses on questions of truth, reality, fiction, and testimony by means of contemporary theorists. Students apply the readings to their personal research interests. Also offered as GRS LF 850 B1. Fall 2016 Section C1: Poetry at Dawn: One Thousand Years of Love and Alienation. Diachronic exploration of Dawn songs in the Spanish poetic tradition. Albadas dramatize the parting of lovers at daybreak, and by illuminating the conflict between private and public spheres, they offer a privileged window into the fluid nature of poetic subjectivity. Spring 2017 Section A1: Wayward Women: Pícaras, Prostitutes, and Procuresses in the Literature of the Spanish Golden Age. Spring 2017 Section B1: Fin-de-Siècle World: a Latin American Perspective.
  • GRS LS 951: Directed Study in Hispanic Language and Literatures
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor and department.
    Hours arranged.