• GRS SO 847: Seminar: Global Sociology
    (Meets with GRS IR 748.) Examines different sociological perspectives on global social dynamics and processes.
  • GRS SO 848: Culture, Markets, and Inequality
    This seminar examines commerce as a cultural process, focusing on cultural production and consumption practices in fields like fashion, music, and bodily goods and services. Traces the cultural construction and maintenance of gender, race, and class inequalities in markets.
  • GRS SO 852: Contemporary Debates in Sexualities Research
    Engages debates about sexual identities, practices, and communities, conceptualizing sexuality as both a social construct and an institution. Students consider how sexualities operate across social contexts, their effects on systems of inequalities, and their intersections with race, class, and gender.
  • GRS SO 860: Seminar in Economic Sociology
    Introduction to core theoretical perspectives and debates in contemporary economic sociology (structural/network, cultural, institutional/political and performativity) with a special attention paid to morality of markets, commensuration and construction of value, money, credit and finance and inequality.
  • GRS SO 862: Seminar: Great Theorists
    This seminar examines the ideas of Montesquieu, Saint-Simon, Wollstonecraft, Tocqueville, Martineau, Spencer, Pareto, Veblen, Simmel, and Du Bois through critiques of these seminal concepts: "relative deprivation," "the survival of the fittest," "conspicuous consumption," "the circulation of elites," and "double consciousness."
  • GRS SO 890: Seminar: Global Health: Politics, Institutions, and Ideology
    What is global health? Who are the main actors in global health debates? This seminar explores the politics of global health, providing students with sociological tools, concepts, and knowledge to help make sense of conflict in contemporary global health debates.
  • GRS SO 947: Dr Field Conc
  • GRS SO 948: Dr Field Conc