• GRS PH 819: Ethics
    An advanced study of ethics.
  • GRS PH 820: Contemporary Philosophy
    An advanced study of contemporary philosophy.
  • GRS PH 850: Ethics
    Examines the origins of two familiar distinctions (1. the good versus the right; 2. sentiment versus reason). Tries to make sense of the eighteenth century approaches to these issues, as well as the continuity of those approaches with related twentieth and twenty-first century ethical theory.
  • GRS PH 880: Topics in Philosophy I
    This is a doctoral seminar on the philosophy of ultimacy and the conditions for finite existence. The main texts are in the genre of philosophical theology, and they include explorations of the concepts of persons, primordial consciousness, and spontaneous emergence, based on cross cultural comparative studies. The course deals in detail with Christian symbols and theories of God, in comparison with other traditions. Seminar presentations and a term paper required.
  • GRS PH 881: Proseminar for First-Year Graduate Students
    Graduate Prerequisites: First-year philosophy PhD student standing.
    This seminar is open only to first-year PhD students in philosophy, all of whom are required to enroll. The seminar is designed to help incoming graduate students hone several invaluable philosophical skills, including those needed for effective presentation and defense of one's ideas. Topics vary by semester.
  • GRS PH 883: Topics in Philosophy
    Topic for Spring 2016: Philosophy of Cosmology.
  • GRS PH 901: Directed Research on Thesis
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of major professor.