International Relations

  • CAS IR 563: Public Religion and Politics Across Cultures
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or consent of instructor.
    The contested role of religion in modern politics and its implications for civil life. Begins with the West and includes Islam in the Middle East and SE Asia, Evangelism in Latin America and Africa, Hindu nationalism, and Buddhism in China.
  • CAS IR 566: Democracy in Latin America and Its Challenges
    (Meets with CAS PO 580.) Provides an overview of democracy's achievements and challenges in Latin America. Draws comparisons between stable and unstable democracies in the region, and analyzes the reasons for, and implications of, these differences.
  • CAS IR 567: Latin American Politics
    Meets with CAS PO 564. The nature and evolution of politics in the region, with emphasis on twentieth-century patterns in specific countries. Considers the physical, historical, social, and economic constraints that have affected political development and the various explanations available to advance our understanding.
  • CAS IR 568: U.S.-Latin American Relations
    Meets with CAS PO 565. The international context within which Latin American countries operate, with primary emphasis on U.S. policy toward the region. Includes historical overview, the policy-making process itself, and case studies of specific policy issues.
  • CAS IR 569: Politics and Society in North Africa and the Middle East
    Meets with CAS PO 570. An investigation of contemporary North Africa and the Middle East, with emphasis on current socioeconomic and political trends and tensions.
  • CAS IR 570: Politics and Social Change in Postwar Japan
    Meets with CAS PO 551. A survey of Japanese political development from 1968 (the Meiji Restoration) to the present, followed by a detailed analysis of the social and economic bases of Japanese politics, contemporary institutions and processes, and domestic and foreign policy issues.
  • CAS IR 573: Introduction to Public International Law
    The role of international law in efforts to solve current problems of world order. Emphasis on environmental protection and the regulation of ocean space and resources. The role of law in conflict and cooperation, and the quest for international security.
  • CAS IR 575: Political Economy of Mexico and NAFTA
    Meets with CAS PO 563. Explores the dynamics of contemporary Mexican political economy and Mexico's participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement to understand the causes and effects of the profound transformation of Mexico in recent years. Addresses challenges that lie ahead.
  • CAS IR 577: Foreign Policy of the People's Republic of China
    Meets with CAS PO 576. Explores China's perception of its role in the world, its evolution from a regional to a world power, and its security and economic relationships within the international system. Relationships with the superpowers, Third World, and world economy, focusing on technology and capital transfers.
  • CAS IR 579: Japan in International Politics
    Meets with CAS PO 552. International and domestic influences on Japan's international behavior in the past as a predictor of Japan's future role in international politics. Covers Japan's role in the Cold War, post-war Asia, and the management of the global economy. Examines viability of post-Cold War U.S.-Japan relationship.
  • CAS IR 581: The Evolution of Strategic Intelligence
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Limited to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
    Examines the uses of strategic intelligence by modern world leaders in shaping policy and the effects of intelligence on world events. Various uses of intelligence--collecting information analysis, counterintelligence, and secret operations--are explored with emphasis on the period from the Congress of Vienna to the end of the Cold War.
  • CAS IR 582: Taiwan: Politics and Transformation
    (Meets with CAS PO 553.) Examines Taiwan's history, economic development, ethnic identity, democratization, and its controversial position in international politics as a key to understanding questions of political economy, democratic transition, and East Asian security.
  • CAS IR 585: Problems and Issues in Post-Mao China
    Meets with CAS PO 549. An in-depth examination of politics in post-Mao China, this course focuses on several critical issues, uses various conceptual frameworks to try to understand why the reform process broke down, and examines prospects for the future.
  • CAS IR 586: Islam in South Asian Politics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: senior standing or consent of instructor.
    Examines the relations among state, politics, and Islam in South Asia, with particular focus on the unsolved conflicts over Kashmir and Afghanistan.
  • CAS IR 587: Political Economy of the Middle East
    Considers the state of the Middle Eastern political economy and focuses on the failure of the rentier state and the difficulty of political and economic liberalization. Themes are petroleum, the uncertain course of political pluralism, and political Islam.
  • CAS IR 589: North Atlantic/European Security Issues
    Meets with CAS PO 582. Examination of the post Cold War security environment in the North Atlantic and greater European context. Exploration of threats to security, mechanisms in place and emerging (NATO, CSCE, CFE, WEU), and challenges posed by changes since fall 1989.
  • CAS IR 590: Political Economy of Latin America
    (Meets with CAS PO 562.) Historical and contemporary issues in Latin American political economy. Uses case studies and cross-regional comparisons to assess competing explanations. Analyzes the current political and economic situation facing Latin America in its quest for economic growth and development.
  • CAS IR 592: Economic Development and International Institutions
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Examines the role of international institutions in economic development. Analyzes how development- related international institutions makes rules and affect national policy choices. Applies those lessons to concrete policy challenges, including possibilities for institutional reform.
  • CAS IR 594: Global Environmental Negotiation and Policy
    (Meets with CAS GE 594.) Key concepts, actors, concerns, and issues related to the process of negotiating global environmental policies. Overviews of the international system and environmental problems; an international negotiation simulation; case studies of global agreements on ozone depletion, climate change, desertification, and biodiversity, among others.
  • CAS IR 596: Globalization and Contemporary Capitalism in Advanced Industrialized Nations
    Meets with CAS PO 529. How has globalization affected national sovereignty and control? Competing hypotheses are examined with specific reference to the internationalization of trade and the financial markets, and its impact on the three postwar models of capitalism.