Earth & Environment

  • GRS GE 699: Teachng Coll Gg
  • GRS GE 712: Reg Enrgy Model
  • GRS GE 715: Global Change Initiative: Education and Research
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: GLACIER Fellow or consent of instructor.
    Interdisciplinary perspectives on global change issues, combined with focus on how to develop effective classroom lessons to address these issues. GLACIER fellows are assigned readings from various disciplines and perspectives on global change and required to develop lesson plans.
  • GRS GE 719: Colloquium in Terrestrial Biogeoscience
    Graduate Prerequisites: MA or PhD standing.
    Introduction to the field of Terrestrial Biogeoscience through weekly research presentations and discussions with GRS faculty and distinguished guests. Students also meet weekly with lead faculty member to discuss primary literature related to each presentation. Also offered as GRS BI 719 and GRS ES 719.
  • GRS GE 720: Practicum in Terrestrial Biogeoscience
    Graduate Prerequisites: MA or PhD standing.
    Analysis and synthesis of the primary literature via in-depth case studies in terrestrial biogeoscience. Students meet weekly with faculty to read papers from the primary literature, synthesize results, and prepare a peer-review quality paper on the case study. Also offered as GRS BI 720 and GRS ES 720.
  • GRS GE 798: Global Development Capstone
    Graduate Prerequisites: at least 12 credits toward the MA in Global Development Policy or theMA in Global Development Economics.
    Capstone course for MA students in Global Development Policy and Global Development Economics. Students, working in groups, design and carry out an interdisciplinary policy analysis comparable to those performed for a government or nonprofit agency. Also offered as GRS EC 798 and IR 798.
  • GRS GE 805: Spatial Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    Covers advanced research topics in GIS dealing with the measurement, storage, retrieval, and analysis of spatial information. Topics include fuzzy sets, fractals, and spatial statistics. Completion of project is required.
  • GRS GE 840: Tpcs Remote Sen