• GRS CH 655: Statistical Mechanics I
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS CH 352; or equivalent
    Introduction to statistical mechanical fundamentals; ensemble theory, Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein, Gibbs-Boltzmann statistics; computational methods, Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics, many-body quantum mechanical simulations, normal mode analysis; ergodic hypothesis, modern theories of liquids and biomolecules, thermodynamic perturbation theory, integral equations, Debye-Huckel theory.
  • GRS CH 699: Teaching College Chemistry I
    The goals, contents, and methods of instruction in chemistry. General teaching-learning issues. Required of all teaching fellows.
  • GRS CH 722: Protein Chemistry
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 621; or equivalent.
    The structure and function of selected enzymes, motor/pump proteins, and structural protein assemblies, highlighting concepts in macromolecular structure analysis, the use of transition- state theory in rational drug design, and conformational flexibility and the link to catalysis. Analysis of selected primary literature underscoring structural underpinnings via molecular graphics.
  • GRS CH 724: Special Topics in Biochemistry
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 621; or consent of instructor.
    Detailed analysis of special topics of research in biochemistry. Topics are determined by the instructor depending on interest and expertise. Subjects covered include protein analysis, mechanistic enzymology, nucleic acid research, protein/nucleic acid interactions, and spectroscopic methods.
  • GRS CH 731: Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 631.
    Selected topics of current research interest in inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry.
  • GRS CH 741: Organic Spectroscopy and Structure Determination
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS CH 212 and CAS CH 351; or equivalent.
    Spectroscopic methods in organic structure determination, with main emphasis on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Also covers mass spectrometry and circular dichroism.
  • GRS CH 744: Current Topics in Organic Chemistry
    Graduate Prerequisites: (CASCH212 OR CASCH214 and CH 301).
    Current topics in advanced organic chemistry. Content varies with instructor, and may include "The Chemistry of Biotechnology," "Drug Discovery," "Organic Chemistry of Soft Materials," "Biomimetic Total Synthesis" and other themes related to the instructor's research interests.
  • GRS CH 751: Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 652.
    Current topics of research in physical chemistry. The course content varies with instructor.
  • GRS CH 752: Advanced Topics in Chemical Physics
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 651.
    Current topics of research in chemical physics. Content varies with the instructor but may include material from such areas as advanced methods in molecular spectroscopy and magnetic resonance, non-linear laser-induced phenomena, and photoionization and electron-molecule scattering. Topic for Spring 2015: Advanced Computational Chemistry.
  • GRS CH 801: Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing 1
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: doctoral student or consent of instructor.
    Introduces beginning graduate students to the fundamental methods of research, presentation, and scholarship necessary for a successful career as a graduate student, a teacher, and an independent research scientist. Includes RCR (responsible conduct of research) training.
  • GRS CH 802: Graduate Research Methods and Scholarly Writing 2
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS CH 801; and good standing as a doctoral student.
    Continues subject material of GRS CH 801 with more emphasis on writing.
  • GRS CH 901: PhD Research in Chemistry
  • GRS CH 902: PhD Research in Chemistry
  • GRS CH 903: MA Research in Chemistry
    A written report at the end of each semester is required.
  • GRS CH 904: MA Research in Chemistry
    A written report at the end of each semester is required.