American & New England Studies

(including Preservation Studies)

  • CAS AM 501: Special Topics in American Studies
    Topic for Fall 2014: Reading Boston: Conversations about the Real and Imagined City. Team-taught by English (Howell) and History of Art & Architecture (Morgan) professors. Multidisciplinary examination of Boston from Wampanoag settlement to the present. Explores how specific neighborhoods have developed and how they have been presented in literature. Includes frequent site visits around Boston. Serves as AM capstone.
  • CAS AM 502: Special Topics in American Studies
    Topic for Spring 2015: American Baseball. This interdisciplinary research seminar examines the history, culture, and science of the game from its shadowy origins in the early days of the nineteenth century, explosive growth in popularity during the Jazz Age, to the controversy-ridden Steroid Era.
  • CAS AM 524: New England Cultural Landscapes
    Examines the historic forces that have shaped the distinctive regional landscapes of New England and catalogues the changing forms that make up those landscapes. Also offered as CAS AH 525.
  • CAS AM 546: Places of Memory: Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
    Covers key aspects of the history, theory, and practice of historic preservation. Preservation will be discussed in the context of cultural history and the changing relationship between existing buildings and landscapes and attitudes toward history, memory, invented tradition, and place.
  • CAS AM 553: Documenting Historic Buildings and Landscapes
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    A seminar designed to train students in architectural research techniques through supervised reading, fieldwork, and writing. Students are introduced to the skills needed to conduct research on both individual resources and groups of resources, clustered within an area or scattered throughout a community. Also offered as CAS AH 553.
  • GRS AM 735: Studies in American Culture
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Introduction to handling of primary materials from a number of disciplines in order to develop an American Studies perspective. Required of all American Studies PhD students.
  • GRS AM 736: The Literature of American Studies
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Introduction to classic problems in the interpretation of American society and culture. Required of all American Studies PhD students.
  • GRS AM 747: Historic Building Conservation
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Theory and practicalities involved in conservation of historic buildings. This course will cover the history and theory of building conservation architectural investigations of building, including documentary, constructional, and finish materials to materials for conservation.
  • GRS AM 755: Preservation Planning Colloquium
    Graduate Prerequisites: GRS AM 750.
    A comprehensive preservation planning and advocacy course in which students in the Preservation Studies Program prepare a planning document under contract with a community.
  • GRS AM 776: Housing America
    What do dwellings say about the diversity of American experience? For over four centuries and across a continent, wealth and poverty, family and community, taste and technology have all shaped the meaning of home. Illustrated lecturers supplemented by field trips. Also offered as GRS AH 777.
  • GRS AM 780: Problems in Historic Preservation
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    A research seminar to explore, in depth, changing themes or current issues in historic preservation.