University Policy

Division of Graduate Medical Sciences Policy

To receive services and accommodation(s) for a disability, students must be evaluated by Dr. Lorraine Wolf, Director of the Boston University Disability office, located at 19 Deerfield Street, Boston, MA. All relevant medical and/or educational documentation must be submitted to BU Disability Services to be approved for support services. To inquire about eligibility and/or evaluation for accommodations, contact Dr. Lorraine Wolf at 617-353-6835 or lwolf@bu.edu. Kayleigh Gustafson, kay416@bu.edu, associate director of graduate affairs, GMS, and the GMS Liaison for Disability Services will assist you through the process outlined below.

To receive a disability accommodation(s):

  • Contact Ms. Gustafson at 617-638-5205, or kay416@bu.edu.
  • Contact Dr. Lorraine Wolf at the Disability office to schedule an appointment: 617-353-6835, or lwolf@bu.edu.
  • Should you be approved for accommodation(s), you will receive an Accommodation Release Form from Ms. Klegraefe.
  • Complete and return the Accommodation Release Form to Ms. Gustafson, upon which your course directors will be informed of your approved accommodations and/or services.