Oral Health Sciences

Physiology A/Dental

GMS OH 730 (6 credits)

This course presents the physiology of cells, tissues, organs and integrated body functions, including the physiological basis for the understanding of clinical conditions. An integrated approach is taken to endocrinology and reproduction. Hormonal aberrations and their end results in human are presented in clinical correlations. 6 cr, Fall sem.

2016FALLGMSOH730 A1, Aug 8th to Dec 16th 2016
Days Start End Type Bldg Room

Physiology B/Dental

GMS OH 731 (2 credits)

This course is a continuation of GMS OH 730. Students will be given the same grade for OH 730/731 upon completion of both courses. 2 cr, Spring sem.

Microbiology and Immunology/Dental

GMS OH 740 (4 credits)

The overall goals of this course are to provide students with: (1) a basic background in microbiology, including the nomenclature, structure, physiology, genetics, mechanisms of pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations associated with the major pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses); (2) an understanding of how the basic principles of microbiology are integral to effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious disease, and (3) a basic background in immunology including the functions and disorders of the immune system. 4 cr, Spring sem.

Prevention and Health Promotion in Dentistry

GMS OH 750 (3 credits)

The course introduces the concepts and techniques of dental public health, disease prevention and health promotion in dentistry and overall health. The course emphasizes current issues such as caries prevention, periodontal disease, and oral cancer prevention in the individual and community. 3 cr, Spring sem.


GMS OH 751 (6 credits)

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the basic principles of modern biochemistry. The topics to be covered include an introduction to biochemistry and its importance to understanding oral health as well as proteins, enzymes, DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, sugar and lipid metabolism, hormones and second messengers and connective tissue biochemistry. In addition to the traditional lecture format, students participate in case-based presentations designed to integrate clinical cases with the material presented in class. 6 cr, Fall sem.

2016FALLGMSOH751 A1, Aug 22nd to Dec 4th 2016
Days Start End Type Bldg Room

Evidence Based Dentistry

GMS OH 770 (2 credits)

The goal of the Oral Health Sciences (OHS) Evidence Based Dentistry course is to provide students with a working understanding of basic research study design and analysis in order to promote critical reading of the scientific literature. Content will touch upon a wide range of experimental techniques in the clinical sciences as well as ethical issues in the oral health sciences. The focus will be on evidence based dentistry and both reasoning and critical thinking skills will be challenged. 2 cr, Fall sem.

2016FALLGMSOH770 A1, Sep 13th to Dec 20th 2016
Days Start End Type Bldg Room
T 2:00 pm 3:50 pm

Fundamentals of Head and Neck Anatomy

GMS OH 771 (3 credits)

This is a fundamental course relevant to students pursuing a future career in dentistry or its related areas of study. Since students have come from various backgrounds, the course will take a regional rather than the systems approach beginning with anatomic concepts in the oral cavity, palate, and pharynx presented from the standpoint of an oral examination. We will cover osteology of the skull, then regional anatomy, the brain, the spinal cord and the cranial nerves with their associations to the autonomic nervous system and their distributions in the head and neck. We will also focus on the anatomic basis for local anesthesia as well as the lymphatics, the vascular system, and the fascias of the head and neck. Additionally we will incorporate clinical considerations. 3 cr, 2nd sem.