Social History of Chinese Medicine and Healing Traditions

GMS MA 684

Explores intersections between the therapeutic, the medical, and the religious, through the study of healing traditions in China. Includes the role of shamans and the persistence of traditions involving gods, ghosts, and ancestors; the emergence of classical medicine and canonical texts, together with the role played by Scholar-Physicians; the influences of Daoist approaches to healing, longevity, and alchemy; the introduction of Buddhist and Indian healing practices; the effects of an emerging biomedical practice brought in from the West; and the meanings of the revival of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the People's Republic of China. Primary sources, and secondary sources from history and medical anthropology. 3 cr, Fall sem. M 3:30-6:15, Charles River Campus. (Students needing a 4th credit should speak with the instructor about adding a single-credit directed study).

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